Design and development of Service Management system (ITSM) for Tehran Municipality ICT Organization from 2012 – itsm.tehran.iri (Intranet)
This will be represented in different parts of the organization Such as increasing Efficiency of staff working hours, utilizing all the potential in the business and creating new opportunities according to real needs. Having new technology and hardworking employees alone is not sufficient so it is important to have good and well established service management routines which will be the connecting ring between technology and staff.
Design and development of Online department store –
SEPNA Online Department Store is a web application that enable a multi-vendor checkout system enabling retailers to market and sell in one portal or in their own websites and allow the consumer find their needs from different online stores.
Design and development of Council Project Management system for Tehran Municipality ICT Organization – projectsurvey.tehran.iri (Intranet)
This system is designed for periodic surveillance on Tehran municipality projects. Users define civil construction projects in the system so that they can monitor the progress of projects and any change in budget or execution date estimations periodically.
Development and implementation of Tehran Occupation organizing co portal
This system is designed to regulate and speed up investigating and handling received disputes of workshops. This portal consist of a pretty complex workflow which begins with registering dispute and visits of workshop and then considering whether there is already a record for the workshop in the system or not, workflow path would be different.
Development and implementation of Kiosk management system for Tehran municipality
Kiosk management system is created to register and update Tehran's kiosks information.
Bina live streaming service -
Bina is private live streaming system for conferences, seminars and events that need to be broadcasted live on the internet.
Iran web festival sponsor (livestreaming) –
News portal for university of science & culture –
Maxim iran portal –
Tehran Municipality's Department of Women's Affairs -
Region 6 of Tehran municipality -
Iran's sport and medical portal -
Teyfpardazan company -
PSACO vibrating equipmentand plants company -
Mehrsanat company -