About Us

SEPNA Company is established in 2010, members of the company gathered in 2003 and started working together since then. They have been working on several projects like Tehran Municipality Project Control system, ITSM, Store and Live stream, in which innovative ideas is used.

SEPNA is pioneer company in offering Live stream solutions for conferences and seminars.

SEPNA also offers customized enterprise web based applications for companies and organizations that need high quality and standard systems.

Our customers in Iran:

  • Municipality of Tehran
  • AmirKabir University
  • Golrang industrial group
  • Padideh Shandiz
  • Iran web festival


Our Vision

There is no border any more, manage the universe from where you are!

Our Mission

Designing and developing media and managing softwares by experience and knowledge of our team to eliminate the distance and facilitate works to manage by creating virtualized environments; Live streaming system is one of those powerful tools and we are working hardly to innovate a new approach in network and communication.