Working hours for Companies’ teleworking personnel who cannot be present in company’s physical location to register working time could be missed. By use of this system, employees can register their working time while they telecommute.

This software is suitable for companies of various scale (small,medium,enterprise)

It eliminates the need to buy dedicated Attendance hardware devices.

  • Add working days and holydays
  • Unlimited employees in/out registrations
  • Manage employee’s attendances
  • Add vacations and missions
  • Create and manage payrolls
  • Payroll reports by employee’s attendance and functionality information
  • Register project progress and employee’s working hours per project
  • Ticketing system
  • Reporting based on employee’s functionality according to replies, projects and working hours
Technologies and dependencies:
  • Asp.net MVC
  • .NetFramework 4.5
  • DNN 8.0+
  • DotNetNuke MVC Module or Independent ASP website


This product is in development process. If you have any suggestion or you like it and want to have it, we will be pleased to hear from you.


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