Online Department Store (ODS)

SEPNA Online Department Store is a web application that enable a multi-vendor checkout system enabling retailers to market and sell in one portal or in their own websites and allow the consumer find their needs from many online stores. and check out with one single credit card transaction.

This store consist of different sections such as product list, products of a product group, products of a vendor, advanced product search, product detail, order and online purchase subsystem, product management, vendor management, generate and print invoice, product compare, survey and rating, discounts and many other features that is intended from a professional online store.

  • Product list filter by price, brand, color, stock quantity, used or new
  • Product list sorting descending or ascending by price, publish date, number of visits, total sales, number of comments, scores, alphabet, cheapest, most popular, bestselling, newest
  • Change product list display to mosaic or list view
  • Product detail, images, technical features, comments, list of vendors in product summary page
  • Vendor sorting by cheapest, most popular, bestselling, newest, guarantee, shipping schedule, shipping cost, most reliable vendor, nearest vendor
  • Search by Product name, features, brand, vendor, category, barcode number
  • Adding vendors and products to favorite list by clients
  • Sending product availability notification to clients
  • Adding comments and scores on products or vendors based on innovation, worth buying, service quality
  • Product compare
  • Sharing product link in social networks
  • Terms of shipping for vendor or product
  • Vendors can set price for products based on different sale options
  • Adding guarantee for each product
  • Related products
  • Adding products to shopping cart while not logged in
  • Order process cartable for vendor
  • notification by email and sms for Buying process
  • Adding several addresses in client’s profile and choosing one of them for each order
  • Support multiple payment methods like COD, Debit card, …
  • Client’s profile including private information, purchase logs, comments, …
  • Mobile application
  • Adding products to stores from predefined product list
  • Accounting and advertisement subsystem
  • Lottery System
  • Adding multiple types of discounts
  • Types of buy and sell reports

To visit the department store in action click here.